Submit Your Beats

2 BIG reasons YOU’LL WANT to submit YOUR BEATS

1) We will review your beats and give you honest feedback on your beats. we will tell you what’s great and what needs work.

This helps you get better at producing beat 10x faster because we identify your weaknesses so you can get better in those areas.

2) The hottest beat makers get their beats promoted to the entire smart rapper audience of hundreds of thousands of rappers to be able to sell your beats. 

There is no better way to get your beats seen by the perfect audience who will make songs to them and buy them.

this is the best possible option for any producer!

You not only get reviewed but have the chance to make money at the same time.

NOTE: only the hottest beats get chosen!

You’ll be emailed your beat review sheet(s) within 72 hours so you can start making better beats with the feedback!

Submission PAckages


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